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Anti-cap cause that's the way its meant to be

I have an extreme passion for the ocean, and the life in which inhabits it

“A Life Does Not Have To Be Human To Be Great”
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Retrato de un delfín comun saltando - common dolphin portrait by Writing White Photography on Flickr.
Taken by my friend: Giancarlo Thomae 
He’s been getting some awesome pictures at sunset the last couple days while kayaking of the humpbacks feeding in monterey bay, ca
So jealous

Orca’s off Victoria BC-26 (by White Shadow 56)

Whale ‘group hug’. Taken from shore yesterday evening at Lime Kiln.

I’ve experimentally made a simpler, more concise anticap pic, if you want a less-graphic image to help get the point across. Online or elsewhere.CC BY-NC. Transparent png. It’s on Redbubble if you want things (I wanted stickers), but feel free to post/print/whatev. If used online, please link back to my blog. Thanks.

Baby lift (by fredgarvinphotos)

Vancouver Aquarium Gives Update On False Killer Whale
The rescued baby false killer whale currently under care at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has seen some improvements. His energy level began to increase last night and he has started to open his eyes intermittently, one or both at the same time. However, he’s still in critical condition and continues to need support in the water.